Saturday, June 3, 2017

40k 8th edition - why is no one talking about the Void Shield Generator?

Being able to be taken by every faction, the Void Shield Generator is probably the best points you can spend for your army in 8th.

It's a bit less then double the old cost in points, and so completely worth it.

The stats are T8 18W SV 4+.  Combat hits auto-hit, and assaulting units don't get protection from shooting.

It still has the same 12" bubble around it.  Any shot from outside the bubble to a unit inside the bubble gives an invulnerable save.

It starts at 4++ until it loses half wounds. Then 5++ until it's down to it's last 4, and it's 6++


With a lot of assault armies being super fast, the return on this will vary from game to game, and will work best protecting a gunline itself. 

I plan on using it a lot, especially in a Loota heavy list.

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