Friday, May 7, 2010

Sanguinary Priest w/Jump Pack

Finished my first sanguinary priest. Chainsword is magnetic, but I have not done any other weapon options. Looks amazing with the rest of the sqaud, IMO.


  1. Looks awesome dude, really nice work. Iv started to play 40k again, havent played for 15 years. Bought a whole load of models and been painting them all up (Blood Angels of course). Im pretty burnt out now tho with so much to do, so its nice to have inspiration seeing your models and to keep at it with mine. Im not the sort of player that can play without them all being painted. Keep up the good work dude

  2. Er your opinion is spot on. I love the red. Do you have a recipe somewhere? You've managed to be bright and arterial without becoming cartoony.

    A tough place to be. Well done, your whites are super too!

    Show us more!