Sunday, May 9, 2010

Keeping up on rules debates?

If anyone here listens to the 40k radio show live, a couple weeks ago I called in during the bar portion to discuss the Shield of Sanguinius psychic power and how it does not effect vehicles.

Well, that didn't go over very well. Apparently no one listening or hosting had ever come across this particular issue before. Personally, it's a debate I've been having for over a year relating to the KFF and kan squadrons.

I also asked a few people if they keep up on rules questions, debates and the arguments. They all said 'no'. I was almost stunned. I can't believe anyone plays this game, especially on a competitive level, and don't know, bother or care to look up rules issues especially when they apply to the army they play.

Any 40k-related forum has a rules section. I specifically mentioned dakkadakka and warseer. The response to that was "everyone who posts there are morons" and any argument made is simply dismissed out-of-hand.

Face the facts, GW does not write solid, clear rules. They frequently create more questions then they answer especially with a new codex release. It is a fault in the game system, and most people know this. I think it is up to everyone who plays to keep up on what the unclear areas are, what the arguments are for those and then house-rule among friends or gaming clubs the resolution of each one. Or use the INAT faq's which resolves most issues even if not the answer you like it is at least an impartial 3rd party.

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