Friday, May 7, 2010


1500pts Orks vs CSM

Video of my game for May 5th, first game of the May league.

So what went wrong? Well first of all, the dice were really on his side. It happens, I know. But it is still incredibly frustrating when no matter what you do, you simply can't accomplish anything. I can handle making mistakes, I can handle losing to a better player. I can't handle losing to dice. Not to take anything away from my opponent (who is also on my OFCC team this year) he played great, being aggressive when required and defensive when required. His game plan was almost perfect, and some good dice rolls (like not scattering with deep striking flamer termies) helped that a lot.

I think the biggest problem is I got too cocky in this game. I was playing ghaz horde and was expecting to sweep ahead and kill everything in my path. However being slowed to 8" total movement for Ghaz's unit over the first 2 turns really put a damper on everything. That made me leave a unit behind on an objective but in range of the demon prince. If they had been on the other objective I deployed he could not have gotten to me. Then the lootas were not able to hit much after blowing up the rhino and I didn't move them out soon enough to get a better firing lane.

I need to get back into the Ork groove. This was my first game with the greenskins since the January tournament at Ancient Wonders.

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