Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Loota done, and repaints going great!

Finished painting the loota from my how-to video. Very basic paint job: base coat, washes, drybrush on the metal and some simple highlighting on the skin. Not hard, not time consuming but a good tabletop result.

I also have now finished 24 out of the 33 models of my original, horrible boys unit. Such a vast improvement. Does not take that long, probably about 6 hours total for 4 models including cleaning mold lines, re-base coating, washing, highlighting and basing. If you wonder why 33, because I have 29 sluggas, 1 nob and 3 rokkits to swap out if I want to. I should be able to completely finish the unit a lot sooner then expected. I was really expecting a lot more work. Some of the boys were too badly messed up to redo, so out of all the models 5 are getting swapped with new ones instead of fixing. The biggest reason is crinkly primer which is a lot harder to fix. Really looking forward to getting this project done. I need to work on my 2nd Sanguinary priest and Furioso but so far I lack motivation to paint any more red.

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