Sunday, May 23, 2010

League game, Manticore

1750pts vs Marines

Another game vs marines and another solid win for the Orks. Can't really say much about this game, everything seemed to work out pretty well. I made a couple key rolls, first was my opening turn of shooting where my 2 units of lootas each took out a vehicle (a razorback and a dred) that was the front 2 most units, and then when I went to ground and made 4 out of 7 6+ cover saves, and made the LD roll to keep the unit of lootas on the table.

For the first time I really used the power of the deffrolla..using it smash open a Rhino and then get out and assault the squishy bits inside. Being able to wreck a transport in the movement phase is really a huge advantage, giving you the choice to get out or not.

Finished pics of the Manticore. Right now I'm working on a few remaining bits on the blood angels (a meltagun for a jump pack guy and a tactical sgt combi-melta). So now I'm working on a Vendetta, waiting on June 4th to start my Furioso for the 40k radio forums motivational challenge.

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