Saturday, May 8, 2010

One simple change could dramatically alter Tau effectiveness.

Sometimes even I forget I have a Tau army.

My cousin and I were talking after league this week. we came to the conclusion that one simple change would really make Tau the army it is suppose to be.

What is that? Replacing burst cannons with Phased-Ion guns.

The phased-ion gun is a new weapon for the XV-9 suits in IAA2. Stats are: S4 AP4 18" Assault 4, Rending.

note the S4..making it defensive.

What does that give you? A devilfish with that gun and SMS, target lock and multi-traker. A transport that can move 12", fire out 8 shots splitting fire if needed! This gives the tau incredible move and fire ability wile still keeping the firewarriors safe inside behind the disruption pods able to jump out and double tap whatever is left.

Imagine the hammerhead, with 2 of those instead of 2 burst you can move 12" fire the railgun and pump out 8 more rending shots as well!

Having a decent defensive weapon completely changes the mobility of the army. Sometime down the road we will play a game like that and see what happens.

I won't even get into what this gun would do for a unit of stealth suits..

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