Saturday, June 25, 2016

Taking the Ork Decurion to an ITC one-day

So I pulled out the Decurion again, making a few slight changes to upgrade the KFF to the Mega Force field.  This time it was a 30min drive out to Sherwood, Oregon's Glimpses of Wonder & Warfare.  It had enough room for the 16 players and some X-Wing going on.

Anyway on to the games:

Game 1 vs Tyler's Space Wolves: Blackmane's and Thunderwolf star.

Same list I played against at the last event, and ended up tabling him (other then drop pods).  Talking about what he should have different was detrimental to me this time, as he surrounded me with drop pods and guys, de-meching as much as possible.  I was pinned in against the pods and could not get the assaults I wanted.  Ghazzy never got to his wolf star this time, and the Knight killed a few grots and not much else, but lived.  Result: 1-10 loss.

Every time I've played Tyler he's gone first and hopefully next time that changes!

Game 2 vs Matt's Eldar

Not quite a tournment-level list with 2 flyers, a bunch of scatter bikes but onlly 5 warp spiders, Wraitguard with d-cannons and fire dragons.  He gave me first turn which I used to run full bore at the pansies!  The fire dragons blew up the battlewagon, and the Knight stomped the meganobz and most of the Council but Ghazzy lived and harassed units one by one. I kept a few units back to defend against spiders and turbo-boosting bikes.   There wasn't much left at the end but I pulled out a 6-5 victory.

Game 3 vs Jason's Chaos Space Marines

Ah the two red-headed stepchildren of 7th going head to head.  Ariman with 2 units of thousand sons, terminators, a formation with the forgefiend, maulerfiend, and dark tech marine guy, demon prince and helldrake.   He let me go first again, resulting in me heading right up the it's the only thing the decurion can do!  The battlewagon was destroyed but Ghazzy extracted his revenge on the maulerfiend while the Meganobz make short work of the forgefiend. Then it got interesting.  The meganobz got bogged down by the terminators and a ton of 4+ invul saves, the boys died in droves mostly to exploding trukks and doom bolt's 2d6 explosion range, and the demon prince casting enfeeble and gift of contagion on the council stranding them in the middle of the board not able to run and get into combat. Once the prince went down, I was able to come back somewhat but being killpoints means I was fighting an uphill battle from the start.  Result was a nice and clean 5-5 tie.

So another day and another mediocre showing for the Decurion with a staggering 1-1-1 record. 

What can I say?  the Council with it's ability to run and change isn't a small threat for anywhere on the table, and even jetbikes had problems staying way (if they wanted to shoot) but the rest of the army is just so incredibly fragile without much overall killing power. 

I think I might be putting away the Decurion for a while. It's incredibly boring to play with a very unexciting and monolithic style.

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