Saturday, June 4, 2016

Ork Decurion part 2

After a few games I've made some minor changes to my list. Dropping the 2nd battlewagon for a dedicated Trukk for the Meganobz.  This also gave me points for a few other models.

Core: Waaaggh! Band.

Warboss, Mega-armor
Meganobz x4, 1x Killsaws
Trukk w/ram

10 Boyz, nob w/pk
Trukk w/ram

12 Boyz, nob w/pk
Trukk w/ram

10 Boyz

10 boys, big shoota

10 Grots

HQ: Council of Waaaggh!
Mad Doc
Mek, KFF
Warboss, pk, 'eavy armor
Warboss, Mega-armor, lucky stick
Nobs x4, Waaaggh! banner

Mekboyz' Big Stuff
Battlewagon, ram, big shoota

1850 exactly (ITC).

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