Monday, June 6, 2016

Taking the Ork Decurion to an ITC event

Over the weekend I took my Ork list to a two-day 5 game ITC event.  Taking a look at the meta I think this is really the only viable way to play Orks in this kind of very competitive environment. 

Game one  vs Tyler's Space wolves: Blackmanes+Wolf star+ Knight

I went 2nd, and he pushed right for me.  The drop pods (8 of them) came in on objectives and stayed back.  My first turn the Council smashed into the Wolf Star and only took a few combat phases to kill them all - but did only leave Ghazzy alive and the Manz and MAWarboss exploded the Knight in short order.  11-0 win for the Orks!

Game 2: vs Matt's Eldar.  Several D blasts!

This is the killpoints mission and with 16 very fragile killpoints vs massive S6 and S7 shooting I didn't think I had much of a chance. I did push up with the council but also left a lot of stuff back to deal with 25 deep striking Warpspiders and a unit of Swooping Hawks. I did kill a LOT including most of the warp spiders.  In the end I only had Ghazzy and the Lucky Stick boss left.  0-10 loss.

Game 3 vs Karl's War Convocation

I played this exact list less then a month ago and tabled him. I was well on the way to duplicate the result until the council got stomped out on 6's.  1-11 loss.

Game 4 vs Shaylynn's Grey Knights-Dark Angels.

This army comes in turn 1, so I decided to go first anyway (for fearless) and wait.  Everything came right at me. Then it all died. I should have gotten the Council out sooner then I did.  10-2 win for the Orks.

Game 5 vs Robert's White Scars battle company:

Another player and list I've played recently, and won that one on a very close 6-5.  He learned from that game and played much better.  I had to keep somethings back to defend my objective so I didn't have enough to push him off his.  In the end it was his Objective Secured that swayed the game in a 4-8 loss.

So that was a 2-3 record and didn't even score best Ork as the other Ork player using the Big Mek Stompa went 3-2.  That may be something I'll try in the least you can get obsec that way.

Here are some things I learned over the last 9 games with this list:

1. The Mega Armor Warboss with Lucky Stikk is broken, even under ITC rules.  This guy has tanked literally 100's of wounds and only died to a S10 Thunderwolf and a Stomp.

2. The Council is an amazing death star.  It just wipes away everything it touches.  The super high WS takes a lot of people by surprise.  Ghazzy's extra warlord traits can also be a factor.  However the problem is it can only reach out and touch so many things in a game...

3. Lacking ObSec is a bigger deal in ITC then some people make out.  I lost the last game literally on this rule alone.

4. MSU is hard for this list to deal with.  My stuff dies too quickly to really be able to move from unit to unit (especially things like 5+ Rhinos or Drop Pods).

5. When I lose I can always say "Ya but I'm just playing Orks!".

It was a great event and I had fun for sure (other then that stomp..sigh). 

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