Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Stompa will hit the table!

I will be shortly leaving for league night, which is playing under Frontline Gaming's rules for the LVO/BAO this month, in anticipation of a tournament on the 22nd (yes I'm going).

It took a while to build a list I liked while fitting in the Stompa. It's quite expensive in a 1850 list. But I finally did it.

Ork Horde Detachment
HQ: Big Mek, KFF, PK, Da finkin' cap, grot oiler, heavy armor
-moving away from da lucky stick, as I'm hoping the mek never makes it to combat. But has the PK just in case.  Who doesn't want a super heavy with an invul?

HQ: Painboy
HQ: Painboy, bike, bosspole

Troops: 30 Slugga boys, 'eavy armor, Nob w/PK&BP
Troops: 10 Grots
Troops: 10 Grots

-one unit of grots will ride along in the Stompa

Elite: 5 Burnaboyz, 3 Meks, 3 grot oilers
-Combined with the Big Mek, that's 4 repair chances a turn.

Fast: 13 Bikes, Nob w/PK&BP
These guys are too good to leave out.  Do you shoot at the bikes in your face or try to damage the Stompa before it gets to you? Also, fast objective grabbers.

LoW: Stompa, 2x supa-rokkits
-it's all about the stomping stompa

Looking at the guns of the Stompa, I almost gave up even trying to play with one.  It's got 2 main guns, 1 of which has a good chance of running out of ammo. That leaves a 7" S10 AP1 shot a turn. While it sounds cool, it still can only target 1 unit a turn.

The one thing I worry about more then anything is Knight Titans.  The only other thing I have to deal with them is Meganobz and those are at the mercy of the stomp table and how many 6's the other player rolls.

So I'll give this a try tonight. I don't think I'll do very well but the Stompa might just be enough of a psychological factor to give me an edge.

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