Saturday, November 22, 2014

Army list: Orks for 1850pts BAO/LVO

Today I played in a 3-round BAO/LVO style (Frontline Gaming) tournament. I was the only Ork player. Most people had Eldar or some flavor of Marines. LOTS of Knights.

I didn't take any video batreps, because I wanted to just play. Sometimes I like shrugging off my YouTube duties :)

Anyway this post is just the list I took:

Primary Detachment: Ork Horde
HQ(warlord): Warboss, PK, Bosspole, 'eavy armor, Da Lucky Stick

HQ: Painboy
HQ: Painboy

Troop: 30 'ard slugga boys, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 18 'ard shoota boys, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 10 Grots

Elite: 5 Meganobz
Dedicated: Battlewagon, ram, kannon

Heavy: 12 Lootas, 1x mek
Heavy: 4 Lobbas, 2x ammo runts (due to points)
Heavy: Battlewagon, ram, kannon

Secondary Detachment: Allied
HQ: Mek, KFF, 'eavy armor, pk, bosspole

Troop: 10 grots

Heavy: 3 Tracktor kannon, 3x ammo runt


I dropped the bikes in favor of the meganobz.  Meganobz are pretty much an universal troubleshooter, there is very little out there they can't deal with.  I didn't really want to take battlewagons but in any sort of competitive environment but Meganobz are your ace in the hole.  The KFF really helps with that first turn or 2 of keeping the wagons moving...if needed.

Orks don't have a lot to deal with Centurions, especially when supported by Draigo.  So taking on a Centurion Star really depends on the Battlewagon surviving and delivering the Meganobz package.

Painboys make all the difference in the world against Dreadknights and Helldrakes.  And almost everything else.

A single Knight does not stand much of a chance against Meganobz, but will usually kill the nobs at the same time with stomps and/or when it dies.  An Adamantine Lance is just too much to deal with though.

The Tracktor kannons are pretty much an auto-include both for the ability to bring down flyers, FMC's and the very, very low price. They are a HUGE threat.

I was thinking about the Stompa until I realized how easily it could be brought down by a Knight (or 3) so it stayed at home.

I can't say enough about Meganobz, especially when supported by Da Lucky Stick and a painboy. 

Now only if you could take mega armor on the painboy...

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