Sunday, September 1, 2013

Return of hobby ADD..and the X-1 Dakkajet!

So after coming up with all these big plans for the ME-262 diorama, tonight I spent my time building a base for the X-1 Dakkajet.  I had not done one yet because I didn't have a flying base, but I did have one I was going to use on the ME-262.  Well since the 262 will be on the ground now, I reclaimed the flight stand (which came with my Valkyrie kit) for the X-1.

it's just a basic desert base but I added in a corroded and broken bit of Aegis. I was thinking about some IG guys (again, from the Valkyrie kit) but decided to keep it simple.

I also went though and touched up the black so it's all ready for the airbrush. I'll be starting very soon, it's my September Freebootaz model.

It will be done exactly as my other Dakkajet. I also plan on spraying the Attack Wing Enterprise-D and my Kubelwagon at the same time. Big airbrush session shortly!

After reading a lot of opinions online about color for the Enterprise, I'm sticking with grey, maybe with a hint of blue.

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