Friday, August 30, 2013

ME-262 Diorama planning: Kubelwagen Type 82, more? Hobby ADD!

I picked up this little Tamiya kit a few months back for less then $4. I decided to put it together last night after finishing the bikes. It was quick and easy, has less then 50 parts including the figures. It's a cute little car.


It looks so cool I came up with the idea of pairing it with a plane for a little diorama, and then I remembered my long-abandoned ME-262..and how convenient it just happens to be 1/48 as well! Perfect!  If I can come up with a few bucks, I might try and get a couple more little kits to go with it (Mainly the Tamiya "German aircraft power supply") and put it on a grassy field/runway.

I also dug out my X-1 Dakkajet and put a hole in it to use a flight stand.  That will get painted real soon, for my September Frebootaz painting challenge.

So a couple of time-wasting hobby ADD projects as I continually avoid Space Wolves. Though I do need them done by November 9th for a tournament.

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