Thursday, August 29, 2013

Star Trek Attack Wing!!

A lot of people play and love the X-Wing miniatures battle game, but I was only mildly interested.  When I heard a few months ago that WizKids had licensed the game system and was doing a Star Trek version, I knew I wanted to wait for that. 

Well it's finally out, and even though I don't have the cash, my cousin bought it and we threw down a couple games tonight.

He even bought the Reliant and the Original Enterprise..and we played a game of Star Trek II! It was fucking awesome!  The felt the store had even looks like the Multara Nebula lol. holy amazeballs!

I'm hoping for an Enterprise -C as a future release so I can play the battle of Narendra III and an Excelsior so I can play the battle of Khittomer!  Ya, I'm that fucking nerdy.

Oh, how about an M5 card and a bunch of Constitution class ships!  Or an early Warbird and play Balance of Terror!  holy amazeballs!

Anyway, video. Enjoy. It's not HD, camera was set wrong. Sorry.

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