Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So I got a chance to really read the new codex, and unlike a lot of previous releases, I'm confused.

Nothing in the codex seems completely cut and dry.  Unlike Venoms or DCA's, which are obviously amazing just by looking at them, very little in the necron codex screams "gotta have".   However just hovering below the surface I feel like there are combos in there that will break out and really produce an army of high caliber.  I keep digging, but can't quite put my finger on it.

As far as Orks go, it looks good. There is nothing in there that ignores cover, very little shooting that is ID for nob bikers, and of course entropic strike does nothing to Ork boys (unlike poor GK terminators).

The downside is the same as before..all that glancing has a good chance to stop Ork transports due to the open-topped.  But that is nothing new, only the Necrons have more of it.

Two of the big combos in there is the constant night fight and making everything dangerous terrain.   The first is no biggie for mostly assault armies, but will shut down lootas for the most part. The latter won't hurt battlewagon spam, but could potentially kill a lot of boys. Smart play is required there.

Video soon on the subject.  Ya I know I keep promising GK and DE talks too, but I have Orcs to paint..:)

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