Sunday, November 6, 2011

It only took 4 months... be able to paint a boy after the contest in June.  I got this stuff down now, so it does not take very long .

Going to be working on a few more boys and a 40k project in the next week or so.

The cap to the fantasy escalation league is a 1250pt tournament. That is what I'm aiming for, both painting and gaming. The list I'm planning on as of right now:

Lord: Night Goblin Great Shaman, Talisman of preservation

Hero: Orc Big Boss, shield, Gambler's armor, Ironcurse Icon
Hero: Black Orc Boss, BSB

Core: 28 boys, extra hand weapon, big 'uns, full command, Lichebone pennant
Core: 10 Spider Riders, bows, musician
Core: 30 Night Goblins, bows, musician

Special: Orc Polar Bear Chariot
Special: Orc Polar Bear Chariot

Rare: Mangler Penguin
Rare: Doom Diver 

The icon and pennant gives the big block of boys a 6+ ward against warmachine and magic, which should allow a few more models to make it into combat. I wanted to take a dispell scroll but just couldn't work it in, unless I drop 10 night goblins.  I like it. I was sold on Black Orcs but the big'uns are just as good for 3/4 the points.

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