Saturday, November 12, 2011

1750 tournament list..

Guardian Cup time!  Tomorrow is a 1750pt, 4-round tournament called The Guardian Cup, held at Guardian Games in Portland. I was really undecided on what to play, right up to the last second. I could either play Orks and try to win, or play Blood Angels and try for best painted.

I decided to go with Orks.  Even then I couldn't decide what to play!  I went back and forth between a paired-down version of my normal list, or something a bit different. In the end I decided 4 nob bikers wasn't good enough, so I went with a completely new approach..

HQ: Ghazzy
HQ: Mek, Cybork, KFF

Troop: 20 Sluggas, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 30 Shootas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK&BP
Troop: 30 Shootas, 3x rokkit, nob w/PK&BP 
Troop: 15 Grots + Runtherd

Elite: 13 Lootas
Elite: 13 Lootas
Elite: 14 Kommandos, 1x Burna + Snikrot

Heavy: 3x Lobbas, 3x ammo runts

Yep, I'm going to try the Ghazzy + snikrot thing.  Untested. In a tournament lol.

I was thinking just a normal warboss, which would have meant more boys, but fearless is just too good to pass up. I keep thinking about what I could see, and simply put Ghazzy should completely wreck face as long as he actually makes it on the table. The only army I might not put him in reserve is against DE..they don't tend to sit on the table edge too much.

We'll see what happens.  What I'm really worried about is not having enough cash on hand to make sure I have enough food/water for the's going to be a LONG day.  Such is life.  Maybe I'll take some MT:G cards in to get a few bucks.  :)

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