Monday, April 4, 2011

Yay I got in a game of Fantasy!

Went over to Western Oregon Wargamers Sunday for Ordo's fantasy game night. I have not been there in a while, but I felt like dusting off the Vampire Counts.

Only played 1250, which is a strange point level for WFB but it was still a lot of fun.

I got to watch a couple games going on before I played.

My list was:

Lord: Vampire Lord; Lord of the dead; Flayed Hauberk, tomb blade, helm of commandment

Hero: Necromancer, +1 spell, nightmare shroud, dispel scroll (Nehek, vanhel's)

Core: 15 Crypt Ghouls; crypt ghast
Core: 15 Crypt Ghouls; crypt ghast
Core: 19 Skeleton warriors, full command, banner of hellfire
Core: 3xBat swarm bases

Special: 18 grave guard, full command, banner of barrows

I played vs a goblin list with 2 big blocks of goblins, a combat lord, a shaman, and a hero BSB, and one of the new spiders.

I continue to forget about my banner of barrows. For like 3 or 4 combat rounds I forgot not only to use it (I would have been hitting on 2's with re-rolls) but also forgot about the re-rolls from vanhels! lol. By then it was too late as 1 unit of ghouls and my grave guard had been ground down by the spider.

One epic fail was near the end. I had just the ghast left against the spider and one unit of goblins. I got off 3 neheks and rolled a 1 for all 3! sigh.

In the end I was able to charge and wipe out the unit of goblins with the lord and bsb, giving me a narrow 800-675pt win.

It was a great game. I really, really like the VC magic phase able to cast over and over again. Having the 2nd caster was a huge benefit.

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