Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rock, papper, scissors..

Sometimes 40k can come down to matchups. Some armies play well or have weaknesses against certain builds.

Last night I got to come up against what I would call the "nightmare" build vs my army: Grey Knights with all Purifiers. Purifiers, if you don't know, have a power "cleansing flame" that every model in the combat with them takes a wound on 4+ before combat begins. Not models in base contact, but all models...and the wounds count toward combat res!

I can't think of anything worse for Ork Boys. Even though I played a smart as I could, I still could not avoid getting boys stuck in. It basically only happened once but that was still enough to kill 11 out of 18 boys in the combat. I knew I had whittled down the unit enough to wipe them out, which I did, but it was at a heavy price. Purifiers are guys that MUST be shot not assaulted!

Combined with massive psycannon shooting really took a toll on the boys. Against the poison-heavy Dark Eldar at least I can still get in assault with whatever boys remain and have a darn good chance of winning..not so much against Purifiers.

I think I actually got distracted by spending too much time worrying about controlling assaults. The psybolt-ammo rifleman was a big problem against the nob bikers with those S8 shots..I should have shot that first, before the rhinos, because it did a good deal of damage. I only blew it up after Nobs were already in assault.

Paladins also present a problem. The thing is though, Orks is pretty much the only army that will have a problem with them. Anyone able to pack melta or lascannon fire won't be worried about them at all, so hopefully we won't be seeing them all that often.

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