Wednesday, April 20, 2011

297 videos uploaded..

So as I approach 300 videos, I'm trying to figure out something cool to do. I might do a give away, if I can find something to give away lol.. I really, really don't have any ideas.

So tonight is league night, yay! I get to remove myself from reality again for a little while. I find myself needed to escape more and more to fend off depression. Money is super tight and both cars have issues so real life is sucking hard right now.

I printed off my super elite bike list, changing the grots to 10 shoota boys. Not sure what I'll play or play against. I just want to have fun.

There are still so many things I want to do for youtube. seems like I can't ever focus long enough to get any of them done. I did finally force myself to do the rhino interior videos though, so there is hope!

lastly I've been adding videos as content on miniwargaming to enter their 40k contest. So far it's working out great! getting more views all the time. I'll probably add a few videos a day ..maybe even the entire talking about orks series if it continues to go well.

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