Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Perfect Storm

A perfect example of meta-denial, passive-aggressive play that my list was designed around. First, the cyclone missiles were severely neutered, only doing some sporadic frag damage to lootas and boys. The tank-killing speeders were regulated to running and gunning down nob bikers, which is hard to do when I get a 4+/4+ on the warboss against a krak.

I didn't want to send the nobs headlong into 20 TH/SS terminators. That isn't a fight they can easily win. But speeders are an easy target, plus taking away any mobility and chance at last-second contesting. Sure it might have seem like a waste of points, but the rest of my list was perfectly suited to deal with his list.

Lobbas proved themselves again (of course, good rolling helped) by shaking the whirlwind twice before my nobs could get there and finish it off. It never got a shot off. Niether did the shooty was always at least shaken or locked in CC.

Finally my pull back and shoot, controlling tactics really shone through. I backed up away from the termies, getting an extra round of shooting and getting the assault off. Worked perfectly. The mission didn't help, with only 1 objective, so he had to move to me.

The sacrificial boys unit, again worked exactly as it should have. Taking out Belial with the klaw helped a lot there, but it's just the way things worked out..the closest models to each other were him and my nob. But the unit held for the first turn assault, and died in his turn, leaving it open to my shooting.

In the end, I couldn't be happier with the way my list worked, and the guy I played was just an awesome opponent. Considering I almost didn't make the game night due to some food poisoning, I had a great time.

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