Thursday, April 14, 2011

The greatest come from behind ever..

So I tried out my bike list last night, but ended up playing Blood Angels.

His list:

Honor Guard, Champion
7 Death company, fist, infernus pistol, lemartes
5 assault marines, melta
5 assault marines, melta, TL-Ass cannon razzorback
Death company Dread (talons)
Baal Pred Ass cannon/HB
Baal Pred, Flamestorm
Stormraven, MM, ass cannon, hurricane bolders, armor
Stormraven, MM, Las, armor

He of course scouted up both Baals..and then siezed the initiative! I had placed my 2 units of lootas on opposite sides of the table in terrain, the lobbas and boys behind the terrain on my left, and all the bikes in the middle with the warboss on the bikes and wazzy with the nobs.

In his first turn, he killed 6 lootas, 5 bikes. I then proceeded to fail all my LD tests (11 twice on the bikes) and they all ran off the table! Ugh! 500pts just gone!

I was quite despondent, but I kept playing because, well I still had my nob bikers!

My first turn I immobilized and took both TL weapons off the death company storm raven which was right behind the predators in the middle. The bikes moved in an among the preds hoping for a multi-assault but Wasdakka's cannon blew up the flamestorm Baal so I couldn't assault anything. Oh, ya, and the lobbas only did one thing..wound a nob! It was looking mighty grim.

His 2nd turn all the DC and DC dread got out of their useless stormraven and everything shot and assaulted the nobs (except the baal, which killed 3 lootas). This is actually where the turn around really started..the way it turned out on the board is that most of his guys ended up in base only with Wazzy. Also having WS5 meant the DC dread was only hitting on 4's, which was a huge help as he ended up only doing 3 wounds before petering out on the talons. Most of his attacks landed on wazzy which died horribly..but also meant most of the attacks were basically lost. My 6 PK attacks blew up the DC dread. The first round ended up a push!

My 2nd turn my shooting was ineffective so jumped into assault. I got down the death company to just lemartes.

His third turn he had moved the red stormraven around until he got seth and the honor guard into assault range of the boys. Shooting got the lootas down to 5 guys, but they passed LD again lol. The assault didn't turn out well for him, he killed only 6 boys (rolled tripple-1's for seth's wounds) and I killed seth with my PK! Lemartes finally died.

My third turn I assaulted the jump pack guys, killing down to 1 man but he held, took the gun off the razorback. Killed off a couple more guys in the honor guard.

His 4th turn he shot the lootas down to 2 guys, held again! He threw the 5-man from the razorback (who had FC from red thirst) into the nobs. I killed all 6 models. Down to just 2 guys of the honor guard, killed no orks in return.

My 4th turn I blew up the baal pred with my lone 2 lootas with side armor shots, and the nobs wrecked the immobilized dc stormraven. Honor guard finally died. Took the missile launcher off the stormraven.

His 5th turn all he had left was a stormraven and a weaponless razorback. The stormraven took out a lobba and 1 loota, but I rolled LD again..double 1's lol.

My 5th turn the nob's dakka guns blew up the razorback.

Game went on to turn 7, I had taken all the weapons off the stormraven and it was SMF'ing around the board doing nothing.

Final tally: Orks 9 killpoints, Blood Angels 4 killpoints.

My dice got pretty hot, making a whole crapton of armor/invul/FNP saves on the nobs and his got cold, especially when trying to wound. I still think the biggest moment of the game was the first DC assault when half his unit was rendered useless by being only able to attack the IC.

Next week I will probably be up against the Mechdar I thought I would face this week. I might take a very, very strange list..or Tau.

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