Wednesday, July 28, 2010

One little thing done..

As my interest in painting the Death Company wanes, I did finish the power sword arm for my jump pack priest and got the base color on the vendetta. The power sword and really cool shoulder pad from the DC box really makes it obvious he is a Sanguinary High Priest, not just a red apothecary. Now that's done, the rest won't take long. I was out of dulcoat so I used Krylon flat clear. Nothing wrong with it, except it takes a very long time to least a day.

I also got a Blackberry Curve. Never really wanted or thought I would use a smartphone, and I still don't see me using a fraction of the features. But I do like having all my email in one place.

OFCC is really close now, 3 weeks. Getting crunch time and I will have to really drive myself to finish the Death Company. And I should still put a frame on my display board.

Oh, and I got my magnets so my infantry will all be stuck down. Yay. Let's hope the washers hold lol.

Lastly, my next Ork project is in the works: forge world nob bikers. I had totally forgotten they were in the stuff I got in January, lol. I was thinking I would just have 3 plastic bikers to do but nope, I have these bad boys to paint. With OFCC stuff though, I'll be shooting for silver not gold for August. Maybe I can get the 3 color minimum and call it good.

Terrain is another miss for July, that's two months in a row I missed. August should catch me up though, after OFCC that is.

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