Tuesday, July 20, 2010

OK, wow...

Painted Orks

I didn't realize it had been 9 days between posts. That wasn't my intention when starting the blog, I wanted more frequent updates out there not fewer!

It's not like I haven't been doing anything, quite the opposite.

-Painted 11 Shoota boys
-Finished the last 4 slugga boy repaints - whoohoo!
-Completely assembled and magnetized another Vendetta/Valkyrie model
-Painted all the minor parts of said model (door gunners, engines, weapons, pilot and gunner torsos)
-Painted 88 resin bases for my cousin's IG OFCC army
-Pinned 30 models to said bases
-Played a test game against said army
-Re-did my OFCC list, bought a box of Death Company and assembled 4 models.
-Tore apart and cleaned out my laptop, installing a new CPU, hard drive and copy of Win7...
-Lastly, finished magnetizing and painting the combi-melta for my Tactical Sergent.

Phew! And it's not over yet..still need to paint the Death Company, evaluate and submit my team's OFCC lists, and finish the Vendetta.

So off to bed I go now..

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