Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I think I'm getting the hang of it..

2000pts Blood Angels on Blood Angels

Another great game this week, and again I thought I played pretty darn good again. This time it was pitched battle and 2 objectives. I parked my lascannon tac squad on my objective, and sent most of my army after his after I realized it had only minimal protection. The idea was to kill troops, clear his objective and relinquish mine.

It worked. A bit of luck helped, like making 4 out of 5 5+ SoS cover saves in the first turn. But after that it was pretty much average rolling. I was able to whittle down Mephiston but he still took out my Devastators, my tac squad and absorbed a bunch of fire. However in the end my hood canceled his unleash rage followed by 4 2's on the to-hit roll and my power fist finished him off. I still ended up losing a lot on that side.

The other side was another story, with my assault squad absolutely crushing his as I was able to do all the assaulting giving me FC all the time. Combined with fire from both Baals and the furioso I was able to remove the token force left behind. The Death company didn't do much damage but kept his red-thirsted devastators from doing much either.

Overall I think I've learned a lot in just the last 3 weeks about how to play my Blood Angels. I've also learned scouting up Baal preds within striking distance of Melta-vet vendettas is not a great idea...

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