Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blood Angels, not that great at assault..?

1750pts Blood Angels vs demons.

Ohhh boy, what an interesting game. I chock it up to a learning experience, and the lesson I was taught is that Blood Angels are not the crazy assault army like I've been playing them. It wasn't just this game, but also the earlier game against Tyranids. Both times I simply tried to out-assault my opponent with really bad results.

Even with furious charge against something as bad as a tervigon (with 2 power weapons and a fist) I need to be careful. Against those demons all with I6 and rending, and more attacks then a C130U spooky I just didn't have a chance.

Going forward I need to better understand when to assault. With Orks, it's easy. Run forward and hit them in the face, and see what's left after the dice stop moving. No matter what you take on, sheer volume of saves will bring down all..with T6 or less that is.

Both of these games I got clobbered I need to spend more time moving and shooting instead of barreling ahead full bore and seeing what happens. Even against fleeting units, I still have at least the same speed able to move 12" and fire. Bringing down 1 or 2 units before getting in assault would have changed everything in that game. Against 'nid MC's it's the same..light them up with the Baals, finish off with melta/infernus fire.

I still have a lot to learn about being really effective with my Blood Angels.

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  1. As a BA player, it's important to realize that you will be outnumbered, and to use your mobility to pick the correct assault to enter.

    Take that tervigon you assaulted. Assualt a unit of termigants next to it in a multi-assault with two units while you throw the models that are heavy hitters into the tervigon. The termigants will be easily killed by the normal BA's, and the Power Fist models might toss a few wounds on the MC. Once the combat is over, you'll have likely won, and all those leftover wounds you won by will force the fearless creature to make saves, and any fearless 'gants remaing will have to make saves as well, depleting both units. I used the same tactic to kill nightbringer. Linking combats is the key.