Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Terrain done, starting Vendetta interior

Finished my terrain piece in time, painting goes pretty quick now since I know exactly how to get the look I want after doing so many pieces. June's challenge is for a road, river or trench. Ideas are frothing but other projects take always.

Started painting the interior of the Vendetta. Took a picture and then promptly bent a pin in the card reader so I can't show it to you :/

Starting this Saturday I'm going to be putting aside the Vendetta (for the most part) and get started on my Furioso. I am doing that for the June painting challenge as well as a monthly painting contest that coincides with my league play. I need to get the furioso mostly done by the 18th (does not need to be done, just 3 colors + based to qualify) and then both models completely done by the 30th.

My biggest worry continues to be masking the interior and cockpit to spray the whole thing. I'm thinking about priming in pieces to eliminate at least that part of it and just masking once instead of twice. We'll see.

So anyway a Blood Angels devastator squad taking refuge in an abandoned Ork dug-out bunker:

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