Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Never stop painting..

Sunday: Finish big project Vendetta
Monday: clean mold lines
Tuesday: Jump back into painting orks!

That didn't take long. With a lack of urgent projects I'm finishing up the models for the July challenge on the freeboota forums and diving back into the last 8 models of my revamped slugga squad.

A long time ago I did a nob, and never got around to matching him to a squad.

I really like this color scheme and a full mob will go quite nicely with what I have. I currently have 3 full squads of 30 (1 shoota, 2 sluggas) so this will be the start of my 4th. In addition, I have a 12-strong squad for a dedicated trukk boys and 30 'ard boys all with a mix of optional heavy weapons.

After I finish these 4, possibly 8 sluggas for the revamped squad, I have 10 shootas and a rokkit that will go with this nob.

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