Thursday, June 3, 2010

New month, new league

1750pts Blood Angels vs Black Templars

First game for the June league was another solid win for my Blood Angels. It started pretty bad, with my first turn doing not much, followed by him picking up 3 quick killpoints. However after that his shooting took a turn for the worst. He had 3-4 good shots at my Furioso but failed to do more then shake it. His AC/LC pred didn't do much, blew up the Drop Pod and then was ineffective.

The star unit was by far the Blood Talon Furioso, killing all 18 of his Marines, The Emperor's Champ, his other HQ, and a Rhino all by itself.

Deep striking jump pack guys works pretty darn well with decent of angels. I might have to pay for 1-2 infernus pistols in the squad giving me 4 melta shots. I will probably do that far more often now.

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