Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Vendetta

yay for another card reader. Furioso approaching completion as well.

I got a new airbrush last night, a Harbor Freight compressor and airbrush kit. It's not a bad setup, with a dual-action airbrush, not some cheap plastic single action. No tank on the compressor but the whole kit was only $80.

I had to spend a few adjusting and tightening the brush to get it to atomize. The compressor is pretty quiet actually. The instructions says the pressure is adjustable but I have not figured out how to yet, the instructions are not very good.

I have not put paint through it yet, I spent most of my time tonight learning how to take it apart and put it back together and just spraying water through it to get use to the feel. It seems to me it won't take long to really use it well.

Next step is to figure out where to order replacement parts.

Overall I'm almost giddy! lol :mrgreen: I think for $80 the compressor alone is worth the price and should be a good kit to learn the ins and outs of airbrushing.

I plan on doing review videos as I start using it. Look out for those!

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