Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The conundrom of the Darkshroud

I had my first game with the Darkshround and it's everything I could have hoped for. Against Tau it was nice making her use markerlights just to hit on 4+ again.

The problem I have is with my list. I have 2 distinct parts. A firebase powered by Azrael, and a mobile Ravenwing force powered by Samael.

The conundrum comes at wanting to keep everything under the Darkshroud. It just isn't possible. I like to advance the Ravenwing so they get the Jink save, and then use Speed of the Raven to be fully effective. 

The worst option is to have 2 darkshrouds.  They are far too expensive for that.  The 2nd option is to forgo the firebase and make a more mobile in general.  I think pure Ravenwing won't work but having Azrael run with Hellblasters instead of static with lascannons.  But lascannons sure make up for being able to use Weapons from the Dark Age only once.

The last option is just to keep the Darkshroud where it is needed the most. Against heavy targets keeping the lascannons under protection and keeping it with the Ravenwing when needed - but avoiding trying to do both. 

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