Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Showcase: Tidewall Droneport

I watched another guy at my FLGS play 2 of these the other night, and I decided to give it a go. Besides it looks fun to paint - and it was.  Plus it includes drones which I was going to buy anyway. 

It is a bit expensive for what you get, even for GW models. 

It will reduce my number of drops. So nixed one unit of tactical drones and a ghostkeel. Added in this (with it's own marker drones) and an XV9!  A bit more mobility I think. More things in manta strike. I might even do the same with the 2nd ghostkeel and add in my firesight marksman - which I'm painting right now.  yes, instead of Kommandos.

It looks awesome. Love the model. Makes me want to get more tidewall bits, but they can add up fast at the register.  Also at 70pts a pop, not sure how worth it is.

So I am working on my sniper drones and marksman, and yes the kommandos as well. Slowly.  I really need to work on bases both for the kommandos and the bomber.

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