Saturday, April 21, 2018

More Tau!

Yep I keep painting Tau, this time two Firesight Marksman. 

These are pretty good, being only 25 pts and have a markerlight that hits on 3+. I put him in the Tidewall Drone Port withh 9 firewarriors.  Combined with a nearby drone controller that gives me 4 markerlights that hit on 2+ and one on 3+. Those are usually the first target :)

I also rebased and varnished one of my Broadsides that was on a piece of plasticard. I need another 40mm base for the 3rd marksman and a 60mm for the last Broadside. Don't want to waste any money though to do it lol

This base usies some bits made from my press molds and it came out pretty good!

So now I want to finish the 4 Sniper Drones I have, which will give me 7.  I have two more I need to work on - they were missing bits.

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