Sunday, January 8, 2017

New year, new projects on the horizon.

But I just don't know what yet!

Right now I'm gearing up to my big shopping season once I get my tax refund, which will give me the plastic to build and paint all year long.

Right now I'm not sure what exactly I will be spending my money on.

There are currently 6 choices I am debating.

1. Expand my current Iron Angels into a full Gladius
Pros: probably more competitive then the Medusa, not a lot of models to buy
Cons: I don't want to paint any more Blood Angles

2. Build a whole new army, a Lion's Blade (Dark Angels)
Pros: Very competitive, easy to paint
Cons: Lots of models to buy (but the new armored assault boxes really helps)

Right now this is probably the last option. I will do some DA going forward, including getting a Dark Vengeance box for myself. But I think going for a less-competitive Marine force using DA is the better option.

3. Expand my Space Wolves
Pros: not a lot of models
Cons: unsure on competitiveness

Basically when I decided to go with the Medusa I had another option of getting more Space Wolves instead.  This includes more Wulfen, drop pods and Thunderwolves.  But like other options, I'm not sure if the list will be that good.

4. Finish the Tau/Necron army
Pros: what I want to try, I have a good portion of the models already
Cons: experimental - not sure if it will be good at all much less competitive, the models left to get are expensive

Most intriguing options, and I will probably work on some of it anyway (I really want a Stormsurge).  But it's simply the most unknown of the tournament options.

5.  Expand my CSM into a full Deathguard army
Pros: lots of of fun modeling options, should be decently competitive
Cons: Need a good number of models, CSM is annoying to paint

6. Buy Renegade Knights for my Orks
Pros: Cool modeling options, could be a good bump to the Orks
Cons: Still won't make Orks good

The biggest problem with this option is deciding if I would model the Knight(s) as regular Chaos or as looted Orks.  On one side having them Chaos means I can more easily use in both armies, the other side is looting them will be awesome AF and I can scratch-build weapon options much easier.

So that's the list. Any input would be appreciated.  I have at least a month to think about it.

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