Thursday, January 19, 2017

My Top 5 X-Wing abilities I want to see in Star Trek: Attack Wing

Time for another STAW top 5!

I did play X-Wing for a while, but just could not keep up financially with yet another game so I sold everything off.  However there are a lot of cool abilities that would translate well to Attack Wing, either on a ship, captain or Elite Talent.

Honerable mention goes to: Veteran Instincts, Mangler cannon.

Anyway off to the list:

5: Pure Sabacc
This is a great ship ability, especially on a smaller ship in the 3-4 hull range.  Would be great on something like a Maquis Raider for example.

4: The Inquisitor

This is more of a captain ability then anything else, but it's another way to get +1 attack die for free.  Also could be ruled to get around the range 2 limit on Borg.

3: Bodhi Rook
A new card for X-Wing but would be a good crew ability, being able to toss around a target lock when out of position is a cool but not over powered ability.

2. Push the Limit

Yes, this ability is already in STAW with the Hathaway, but it's such a good ability it needs to be an Elite Talent so anyone can use it.  In fact, whenever I do it playing the Hathaway, I even say "push the limit"!

1: Keyan Farlander

While this a decent ability in X-Wing, it could be potentially game-breaking in Attack Wing.  Definitely a captain skill to keep it unique.  However the potential to give some ability to those wallowing Cardasian ships with red turns, or getting an effective battlestation on a k-turn, the possibilities are endless.

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