Sunday, December 18, 2016

Showcase: Tau XV25 Stealth Suits

yay! finally finished these guys.  I've been busy on a model airplane, plus not wanting to do the line highlighting.  But it's over and they came out pretty good.  Also, did you know stealth suits are on 32mm bases now?

Came out great in the end.  I have another unit and a Ghostkeel assembled waiting on primer.

In the meantime I decided on a color for the Necrons..yellow. Looks awesome. Now to order some yellow acrylic rods.  Did you know warriors are also coming on 32mm bases now? I need SOO many of them!  Might break down and buy the 100 for $40 soon-ish.

Next up will first be the rest of the warriors, followed by the 3 Ravenwing bikes.  Once the new year comes around I'll be working on a new model car and deciding on what to paint from there.

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