Thursday, May 2, 2013

Tau pure mobile list 1750pts

As promised, here is a mobile list I came up with that completely lacks any static units.  First to go was the Aegis, then the Fireblade.   Every unit in this list is either in a transport, jet pack (and thus can deepstrike) or outflank.  It you're playing a highly aggressive (demons) or mid-range shooty army (grey knights) it should work out great forcing your opponent to split his forces. The closest thing to static is the Skyray.

There are a couple things I'd like to do, for example give the missile suits skyfire.

I still want to get 1-2 Riptides. I would replace all 3 units of crisis suits with 2 riptides if I had them.

HQ (183): Crisis commander; Iridium armor, drone controller, cyclic ion blaster, missile pod, shield generator, target lock, onager gauntlet.

Troop (223): 12 Firewarriors; Shas'ui, Devilfish with SMS, disruption pod
Troop (159): 6 Firewarriors w/carbines, Devilfish with SMS, disruption pod
Troop (124): 18 Kroot, w/sniper and 1 hound

Elite (104): 2x XV88, 4x Plasma Rifile
Elite (104): 2x XV88, 4x Fusion blaster
Elite (181): 3x XV88, 6x Missile pod, Shas'vre w/Purtide

Fast (60): 5x Marker drone
Fast (96): 8x Marker drone
Fast (195): 3x Piranha, 3x Fusion blaster, 3x disruption pod

Heavy (190): Hammerhead, Longstrike, disruption pod, sms
Heavy (131): Skyray, Blacksun, disruption pod, sms

That's is. Highly mobile, very flexible deployment options, and still has decent firepower thanks to the multiple weapon faq for the crisis suits.

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