Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Dakkajet underway! Conversion from Bell X-1 model kit.

In case you missed my video showing the build I'm working on, here it is:

I've put aside the Savage Orcs for now and have dived right in.  First step was to re-size the body to fit my vision. Cut the tail off, and the tip of the nose.

After fighting with trying to get an Ork in Chuck's seat, I scrapped the stock cockpit piece and started building my own.  Test fit on this pic, position looking good!

And after much more work here is the completed cockpit. Using arms from ..well I'm not sure where the left arm comes from, a control panel from the Valkyrie kit, and some bits from the X-1 kit, it works perfectly.

Pretty good progress IMO.  Need to get the engine sorted out next. I really like the look of the dakkajet that has the tail extending out over the exhaust, so I'm going to try for that same idea here.

That's it for now, tomorrow is game night!

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