Saturday, May 11, 2013

No time to post..

Not much has been going on other then painting Savage Orcs.  Last two weeks I've played my mobile Tau list and so far it's pretty good. The suits put out a lot more firepower then I was anticipating and Longstrike..well.just freaking awesome.

I might try out something different next week.  An Ork/Tau infantry horde list.  I'll see.

Anyway just an update pic on the Savage Orcs.  They need to be done by end of June. 

I still want to jump on the Dakkajet project but can't stop working on these guys. I am in the process of doing 4 more which will be the front 3 ranks done. Once I get there, I 'm going to force myself to stop and work on the X-1.

So that's about it.  More stuff coming soon, if I can put the paint brush down.

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