Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stompa update

Been working on the Stompa on and off.

I realized there is so much stuff on the body that I'm doing it in areas.  So far finished the front light area and the exhaust stacks.  Once I get to the pigmentation the stacks will get a lot more rust.

So far so good.

Well I have until Tuesday off, OFCC is this weekend!  Doing something last second which I didn't want to do, but I'm converting one of my HB razorback turrets to las-plas and changing my captain for Dante.

So final OFCC list is:

HQ: Dante
HQ: Librarian, Shield and unleash rage

Troop x3: 5 Assault marines, power weapon, meltagun, Las-plas razorback w/Searchlight
Troop: 6 DC, 1 power weapon, Rhino w/SL
Troop: 10 Assault marines, 2 melta, fist

Elite: 2 Sanguinary priests, both with power weapons one with jump pack

Fast x2: Baal, HB

Heavy: Predator, Lascannon sponsoons
Heavy: Devastators, 4xML

Can't wait for the weekend!

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