Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sometimes it's better to be lucky...

So I went 4-0-1 over the weekend.

I wish I could credit some sort of tactical genius but no, I have to admit I got lucky at least once in every game.

Game 1: Failed morale test on Dante's unit after coming in. Rolled an 8 on 3d6 and barely stayed on the table.
Game 2: opponent failed 1 warpquake, which gave me the much needed opening to drop in my guys.
Game 3: In my fist turn of shooting, I blew up his vindicator, immobilized and took the cannon off his defiler, and immobilized the land raider with Abadon in it.
Game 4: In one turn of shooting, I took out 2 chimeras, the vendetta, one of the devildogs and took the cannon off the 2nd. In retaliation a manticore scored a penetrating hit on all my tanks, and I made all but one shield of sanguinius save.
Game 5: Not only blowing up a land raider with an assault cannon, but a couple times his vindicator was just out of range on key shots.

One very interesting note:

-Out of 5 games of at least 5 turns each, with 3 assault squads with meltaguns in razorbacks, I fired the meltaguns exactly 6 times.

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