Sunday, July 17, 2011

My first Finecast experience

I picked up my first Finecast model, a Boss Zagstruck. I'm planning on trying out some stormboy tactics to add some more speed to my meta-denial list, including trying out this guy. 

Here is a pic of all the flaws in the model. Mostly they are either invisible (all the bubbles on the bottom where no one will see them) or irrelevant (an Ork rocket pack has an exact look how...?).  The one notable exception is his chin. That is something that can't be overlooked.  But still, they are all small flaws and don't really effect building, painting or playing with the model..but because of the chin I will be calling up and getting a replacement.

Now that the process problems are discussed, let me talk about the material. It is a dream to work with. Easy to file and scrape, very light, and way easy to glue.  A drop of CA and parts are bonded, no pinning no bullshit.  I can't imagine having this guy in metal, what a pain that would be to clean and assemble!  Another note is is base, where he is basically standing on a small piece of broken pipe coming out of the ground. I expect this may break someday as it is a weak spot in the piece, it is very flexible as-is. I'm planning on getting a Dante as soon as my FLGS can actually get one in, and a Mad Doc as soon as it is released.  Not to mention a couple rock lobbers for my O&G.  I really do like the Finecast material, a lot.  They just need to fix the process.

I'm also going to have to find another stormboy (the old metal ones to match my current ones) because I plan on running a full unit of 21 models when I take Zag thanks to the new FAQ. That is a lot of points, and I'm not sure where I will get them..that's why I need to play test :)

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