Monday, July 18, 2011

40k Tactics: "The Second Front" aka My little Italy - Part 1

In 1943 the British and American military agreed to open a second front against the Germans to alleviate some of the pressure against Stalin and the Russian forces in the Eastern Front.  It worked, diverting German resources away from the Eastern Front.  Ultimately it was a success, driving past Rome into northern Italy, but the point to remember is, that it didn't need to be.

I’ve been playing a bait and switch, passive-aggressive style with my Ork army for quite some time now.  Using screening to protect the main force of 60 shoota boys, while putting out as much firepower as I can muster.  While this is going on, Nob bikers and Snikrot are in your face either forcing you to maneuver away/around them or at the very least to take firepower off the boys.

It seems this kind of trickery is the way I play best. I tried to play my Blood Angels as an all-out assault army, which failed miserably.  Even with FNP TH/SS terminators I never really could pack enough punch to accomplish what I wanted to do.

So I changed.

I’ve pretty much set up my Blood Angels to play very similar to how I play my Orks.  It is about using my units to control the flow of the game as opposed to controlling areas of the game. About baiting my opponent to do what I want, instead of what they want.

The basic premise of my Blood Angels army is to set up a self-supporting parking lot with all my ranged firepower, using a FNP bubble provided by a Sanguinary priest and a 5+ cover save bubble provided by my Librarian’s Shield of Sanguinius power.  This gives me a lot of firepower concentrated in a small area. I will use my Baal Predators to protect or maneuver around to accomplish what I need to.  Especially in an objective game, I find time and time again my opponent pushes right for me, even if they are a primarily ranged army.  While my firebase does not go undamaged by this, what it does is open up my opponent’s backfield in a way that weaker objective-holders or static shooting elements are vulnerable.

This is where my jump pack assault squad comes in.

To be continued in part 2

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