Tuesday, July 19, 2011

40k Tactics: "The Second Front" aka My little Italy - Part 2

This is a 12-man unit, consisting of my Captain with dual lightning claws and meltabombs, a priest with a power weapon, 2 meltaguns and a power fist on the sergeant. With Decent of Angels I have a 75% chance of coming in on turn 2, plus the amazing 1d6 scatter.  It would be better but more expensive with Dante. The regular captain has been doing very well for me, with WS6, 5 attacks at I6 on the charge with re-rolls to wound, plus a 4+ invul.  Since they are jump packs, it gives me a lot of speed back there to deal with whatever I need to.

This is a unit that can’t be ignored. Depending on who I’m playing, I will drop them where I can melta down an important vehicle such as a Psyfleman dread.  Now my opponent has two choices, ignore them and let me trash his backfield and take any objective I want (after all they are still troops) or suddenly stop his advance, turn some or all of his army around to stop me.

Every time, it’s been the latter.

Which is exactly what I’m hoping for.

This unit instantly takes pressure off my firebase.  Now I can start to maneuver out of my protective area since I won’t have as much to deal with.  Especially considering my vehicles are fast, I’m able to move and shoot, or move far enough to suddenly put pressure on whatever is left coming at me or to contest objectives.  I do have enough firepower and threats that my opponent’s thrust is greatly reduced, and then having to lose a portion of that to deal with the jump pack unit on top of it suddenly swings the advantage in my favor.

Some examples of how this has worked will be part 3.

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