Monday, July 30, 2018

First Kill Team

So after pouring over the Kill Team rules, I think I've come up with a good starting point.

Boss Nob - Big Choppa, Kombi-Skorcha (Demolitions specialist)
Kommando Nob, PK (combat specialist)
Kommando x3
Loota x2
Loota Spanner, KMB (Comms specialist)
Grot x4 (one of which is leader)

-Having a nob as leader sounds like a bad idea, because you will want them up front and in the enemy's face. Not worth losing the extra command point
-Grots are there for grot shield.
-Comms spec is going to be very important to orks, with the tactic to get the -1 to nerve tests, and giving a loota +1 to hit
-Kombi-skorcha with demo will almost always wound on 2+
-I don't see needing heavy spec anywhere.

I have yet to play but hopefully soon!

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