Monday, August 13, 2018

Showcase: Sammael on Sableclaw; Casual Dark Angels list

Finally all done.  Pictured with the Talonmaster wingman.

These guys are the cornerstone of a decent Ravenwing detachment, with re-rolls and lots of shots per model. 

Next weekend I have a casual event, and I toned down my DA list a bit to be more balanced to play stuff I wouldn't normally play.

Battalion Detachment
HQ: Azrael  (180)
HQ: Primaris Lt (78)
HQ: Sammael on Sableclaw (216)

Troops: 5 Intercessors (90)
Troops: 5 Tactical, Missile Launcher (90)
Troops: 5 Tactical, plasmagun, combi-plasma (93)

Elite: 5 Deathwing Terminators, Assault cannon (212)

Heavy: 5 Devastators, 3x Lascannon (140)

Outrider Detachment
HQ: Talonmaster, Havenfall Blade (188)

Fast: 5 Assault Marines, 2x flamer (98)
Fast: 5 Black Knights  (230)
Fast: 5 Ravenwing Bikes, 2x plasmagun, chainswords (151)
Fast: Ravenwing Darkshroud (138)

Elite: Ravenwing Apothecary (92)

1996 pts, 10 command points, 109PL

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