Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Inner Circle - Dark Angels Librarian

Next model done and (literally) in the bag!  The DV librarian.

Didn't take very long at all either, no more then about 5 hours. Can't complain at all!  Gave him a glowing yellow eye and did some blending on the cloak which I'm pretty darn happy with. 

Plus everything else is primed and ready to go!

Time to break out the airbrush and get base colors on everything, especially the Terminators.  For some reason Ushabti bone sprays way better then it brushes, whatever. Probably do the Ravenwing next.

The contest is actually going off on May 13th, so I plan on stop painting around April 13th and work on the display board. If I get it done I'll pick up on another unit.

So that's it! More painting!!

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