Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Next project up: More Iron Angels

I've been really off my hobby game for the last week or so, mainly because I'm lacking any motivation to finish my command squad bikes. I'm already tired of painting BA again, I normally can only take them in small doses but I've been doing a lot. Considering I only have 5 models left too paint it shouldn't be a big deal.  I'm going to be doing just 2 at a time and basically forcing myself. I also need to finish my display board for Saturday. I was hoping to do a frozen river but time and money won't allow it.  Someday.

Also I tried to match the storm shields to my Thunderwolves..and failed miserably...

UGLY BAGS OF MOSTLY WATER!!!  sigh.  Now I can't decide if I want red, black or leadbeltcher.

anyway that's where I'm at. I still need Frostgrave stuff as well.  Hopefully a full day of AoS gaming will solve all my blues...

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