Thursday, September 22, 2016


It's been a while since a new game grabbed my interested. I tried a bit with Warmachine with it not catching on. Friends keep recommending Malifaux or Infinity and neither one is showing the least bit of excitement.

However Frostgrave is the exact opposite.  I've watched some battle reports and played a demo game.  The ruleset is simple and the games are quick and brutal. I can see a lot of flaws in it, but it's fun enough that they are easily overlooked. 

I'm hoping to get a game in every other week on Friday night. First chance is tomorrow so we'll see if that pans out.

Here is my starting warband, already done and ready to play!  They are Reaper Bones miniatures which means mold lines are just a fact of life. Other then that they are pretty nice. I spent less then a week on these, so don't expect much.

I was also able to get the basic rule book with my bonus Amazon gift cards from work, so right now the investment in this game is very minimal, so if it turns out I don't like it no big loss. 

Seoni the Soothsayer.

Seoni travels to Frostgrave with the singular purpose of increasing her power. Wealth does not mean much, but to her the power of magic is what drives her. She stands out in the wastes of the city with her blond hair and colorful flowing gowns. To the surprise of everyone that encounters her, the cold seems to not affect her in anyway, even walking around barefoot. You could say the cold does not bother her anyway..

Seoni considers herself true neutral. Her powers of foresight greatly influence this, as she sees the possible consequences of her actions before she commits to any single course. As a result she comes across to people as cold and emotionless, yet fair and loyal. It is this commitment to fairness that keeps her warband together.

Kristianna the apprentice.

Kristianna was a skilled warrior long before she met Seoni. She is a grand master with dual blades. Her natural magical abilities to see the future contribute to defeating otherwise more powerful foes, and came under Seoni’s tutelage for mutual benefit.

As a stark contrast to Seoni’s apparent emotionless, Kristianna is filled with wonder and embraces all that life has to give. She is constantly pulling pranks on the warband and fills every camp with laughter and music. Her warmth is nearly matched by her commitment to a moral code of kindness, empathy and justice.

Thund Bloodwrack, the barbarian.

Thund is mighty warrior that lives by the code of honor of his northern tribe. He is bound by blood to Kristianna, as she saved his life as he was beset by a horde of gnolls. Ever since then he has been by her side as aide and advisor, working together with a common goal.

Thund is a barbarian in every sense of the word: loud, hard drinking, strong, competitive and violent. However he interprets everything he sees through his code of honor. He has little respect for anyone that violates it and sometime even buts heads with Seoni herself.

Dub Bullock, Pirate thief.

Dub has joined the warband to become rich. He fancies a life of ease, and seeks an early retirement; preferably to his own island. He constantly talks about how he will build his grand manor with all sorts of hidden passages and traps to keep other thieves at bay. He is a skilled thief but assassination does not sit well with him. He is learning the art of dual wielding from Kristianna.

Dub is the typical anti-hero, a true rouge that usually ends up doing the right thing. To this end he isn’t as rich as one would suspect. Dub and Thund are best friends, and they always have each other’s back in a fight.

Kragmar, Dwarf Thug

Kragmar pretty much keeps to himself. He sleeps and eats alone, and rebukes most attempts at conversation. As such not much is known about his past, except that he will work for whatever he can get.

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